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Welcome to DNA, the premier assistant for servers and players of the EPIC RPG Discord Bot. It's the first fully customizable solution tailored specifically for ERPG servers and players, offering extensive features and flexibility.

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Why DNA?

Server Configuration

As the pioneering ERPG server and player assistant bot, DNA's Server Config command empowers server admins with unprecedented control.

  • Admins: you decide who get's access, log that access, and retain control of your server
  • Dictate boosted miniboss behavior
  • Manage server listeners like time travel, level, and void
  • Oversee server portals (a different way to show off your server or other servers)
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Boosted Minibosses

This feature splits control between server admins and miniboss hosts. It only makes it fair right?

Using the server config command:
  • Take full control over miniboss activity, logging, designated channels, and assigned roles
  • Customize host's amount of control in server banning and auto channel unlocking
  • Manage bans in your server and if they are automatic or host controlled
  • Use the level listener to auto verify miniboss hosts

As the host, you decide how to run your miniboss:
  • Save your settings (and bans) between servers
  • Automatic bans and/or rerolls with custom ban lengths
  • Display the predicted amount of coins you'll get (minimum and maximum)
  • DNA can predict the minimum time travel to join your boosted miniboss, or set it yourself

Complex Listeners

Whether it's time travel, level monitoring, or delving into the void, DNA has you covered for all your server's ERPG listener needs.

  • Strongest ERPG verification system to exist
  • First customizeable time travel verification system
  • Automatic miniboss host filtering with the level listener
  • Distinguish those who made it into the void with void verification
  • Choose which channel each listener is linked to, and what roles are used
  • DNA's customization options ensure you get precisely what you need for your ERPG Discord Server
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